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there’s a band in san francisco called the Shes and they’re pretty ok sounding but like idk man they’re an all-girl band called the Shes and they only record at women’s audio mission (which is a REALLY AWESOME all-women cooperative) and … there were other things but i can’t think of ‘em right now. also they’re endorsed by Converse shoes for some lame battle of the bands or whatever the fuck converse does in san francisco.

basically idk how i feel about a group that turns feminism/equality/pro-womenness into a marketing gimmick for Converse.

but then again maybe they’re using converse to get their feminist message out there? idk. im male im not trying to have an opinion on this really.

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Well ok Kesha, maybe it’s because you’re an auto tuned peice of shit who shouldn’t be famous, you have no Buisness being in the music industry, it’s not even your music you fuck, someone else wrote it for you to record and them to auto tune yourself. And it’s not at all good . It’s not positive either. So complain some more.

I don’t know if you know this, tumblr user koolkidseatgreens, but Ke$ha is a certified genius. She has an IQ over 140 and an SAT score of 1500. When she was younger she would go to the library and do research for fun. Ke$ha is a both feminist and an advocate for equal marriage/rights for people of any sexuality, being a queer woman herself.

Ke$ha is a smart, professional woman, and just because she sings songs about wanting to let loose and have fun every once in a while doesn’t make her a piece of shit.

Ke$ha’s songs are meant to point out the sexism in our media. She treats men the same way many men in the music industry treat women, and she is hated on for it. Relentlessly. She sings on multiple occasions about taking charge in a sexual relationship, of how she only uses men for their body parts. She sexualizes men to make them uncomfortable. She sexualizes men for a reaction, so that people can both see why women are so uncomfortable with their sexualization and also to point out the inequality between the sexes both in the media and in the world at large.

She is judged so harshly for singing about things that make many men famous.

If you listen to Ke$ha’s deconstructed album you will see that she actually has some talent, which may be hard to hear because she does in fact use a fair amount of autotune. This is because of her genre and because of the kind of music she chooses to create as an artist. Ke$ha may not write her songs, but this doesn’t meant she isn’t a good artist or a good person. This doesn’t mean she deserves your harsh words. Some singers are good at writing, but that’s hardly a requirement. Last time I checked whether or not you can sing has nothing to do with whether or not you’re a poet.

You should not be calling anyone a piece of shit, my friend, especially someone you’ve never sat down and had a conversation (or even taken the time to wonder about her feelings!), but if anyone deserves that kind of language it’s not Ke$ha.

You may think that by shaming women for expressing their sexuality and having fun every once in a while, that you are somehow abolishing sexism. That in weeding out the less ‘deserving’ women you are gaining our sex more respect. This is not the case, and the fact that you and many others feel such a strong need to shame this woman who has done nothing wrong, especially not to you, shows that we still have a very far away to go.

Um I’m just going to add, Ke$ha actually does write her own songs. For example, here’s her first album’s tracklist:


She has also written for other artists, probably most famously “‘Till The World Ends” by Britney Spears, which is part of why she’s on the remix of it. She wrote for years and was even the female voice on Flo Rida’s “Right Round” but refused to be credited because she didn’t want her first single to not be her own work. She spent years, starting at the age of 15, writing music before she came out with her album because she wanted to make sure it was all her own and all what she wanted to do.

You can even get all her unreleased music which, combined with her actual albums, is 10.3 hours according to my iTunes playlist. Some artists have been around for twice as long as her and haven’t written that many songs. 

Not only have critics proclaimed she could be a country star if she ever leaves the pop music business (which is showcased on her unreleased track “Goodbye”), but she’s actually the daughter of a very talented country songwriter. Her music is actually fairly well praised by the music critics community and if you listened to any of her songs that her record won’t let her release as singles—“Last Goodbye”, “The Harold Song”, “Only Wanna Dance With You”, any of her ballads—she can write multiple styles of songs. She’s just stuck in a box of what she can release and then shallow minded people call her dumb for having fun.

That’s a big fuck you for hating Ke$ha.


I’ll even fucking reblog this shit.

I apologize to all my followers who are super musically awesome, but there’s some truth here.

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new plan:
1) gas station
2) 40 of steel reserve
3) put on sunglasses
4) hell yeah bruther

update: my gas station, cvs pharmacy, and rite-aid are all closed. dont wanna drive to safeway just to drink alone at 1am.

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new plan:
1) gas station
2) 40 of steel reserve
3) put on sunglasses
4) hell yeah bruther

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Water tastes wild good sometimes. Like usually it’s whatever but sometimes you get a sip and it’s like god damn.

Photo 23 Apr tomorrow’s homework (sloooooooooooooooooooowly)

tomorrow’s homework (sloooooooooooooooooooowly)

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this recording is at about 165 bpm but i’ve been practicing at ~216 so i guess that’s cool

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"no one man should have all that power"

nothing quite like looking at twenty thousand dollars worth of amps


"no one man should have all that power"

nothing quite like looking at twenty thousand dollars worth of amps

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dang so internet radio i was listening to played the song “Drums” by johnny cash which I had never heard before. But upon listening I realized he was singing about the american indian boarding schools & attempts to culturally assimilate them and I was like woah i would not expect that to be openly talked about in the 1960s. i looked into it and I guess in 1964 Cash did an entire album dedicated to native american history &  issues. The opening song calls the US gov out for breaking a treaty with the Seneca nation in order to build a dam in Pennsylvania (this was happening in the early 1960’s) and the main single from the album is about Ira Hayes, a marine who participated in the flag-raising at Iwo Jima but once coming back to America, lived in poverty and died as an alcoholic. Apparently the album was deemed un-american at the time and was banned from commercial airwaves & record stores.

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Al Cisneros’ rig. 600W of KT88 goodness provided by two “Vivekananda” units and the Green Slave powering 10x15” and 8x12” cones.

Not pictured: Mountainking Megalith.

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Particle Tracks On Film from the Fermilab Bubble Chamber.

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To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.


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